Maui Electric Strikes:                                                                                                                                 Half way through a 9 hour print, the lights went out for 3 seconds. Just long enough to reset my 3d printer. Thank you Maui Electric.


3d Design Work:                                                                                                                                        TB6560’s ready to go. Working on a case design with Rhino3d to house the stepper drivers, wiring and Arduino. Prior to actually producing the case on the 3d printer, all of the features need to be accounted for. 3d design takes a while once you start adding features. It’s easy to make a box, but making one with slide tabs, a removable top, precise locations for boards and screws, power button options, and a fan housing; time just flies by.


In addition to the case design, modifications need to be designed for limit switches to utilize the ENABLE pin on the driver to switch off the motor.

Pictured below is the robotic arm and TB6560 drivers.img_0108