Official project start is January 10th, 2017.

The featured picture shows the BCN3D Moveo Robot Arm. I really like this design and just had to build it regardless of the consequences (whatever those might be O.o).

After reviewing many online designs that offer the ability to modify the working end of the robotic arm, I decided on the BCN Moveo as opposed to just designing my own robotic arm. Instead, I will be modifying portions of the robot arm as the project progresses. The documentation is not in English, so that will be an obstacle. The design is open source and modifiable. One key element is the use of a servo motor for the gripping claw. The Wiring for the claw will allow for the fitting of additional tool heads, such as a suction tube, a marker for drawing pictures, or sensors on the claw. Wiring for modifications can run parallel to the servo wiring. I’m already planning addons.

The BCN3D Moveo was designed to help electrical engineering students save money if they work on or build a robot arm. Cost of this project will probably be around $500 plus.  I am actually considering building a 2nd 3d printer just to speed up printing.

To check out more information, link to BCN3d Moveo.

Even though BCN3D Technologies designed the robot arm, parts still need to be ordered and properly engineered to work the arm. No control software is provided. The main thrust of this project is to control the robotic arm, produce extra attachments and have it perform tasks. The goal is not to build a robotic arm. That goal has already been accomplished with another project I completed over Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, the goal of just building this robotic arm is a serious commitment and will take beaucoup hours of work, not to mention setting up the electronics and just getting it all to work. Controlling 6 degrees of freedom is going to be more challenging. Getting it to do stuff = ultimate beginners electronics/c++ coding challenge.

img_0095Priority #1. Start printing parts! The printing process for the first part is 17 hours. This isn’t the largest part. Several other parts are 70% larger. This is going to take a while, probably 180 hours or more. Above you can see my printer starting the first part.

Prioity #2. Order parts. Amazon is happy, bank account is not 😦